Visual puns anyone?  Through a series of fortunate events, I’m not headed straight home from China.  I’ll be headed to Australia!  If you’re reading this, and I did the set-post-date correctly, I’m somewhere over mainland China en route.

I don’t have any funny pictures of cats or of Australia yet, so you’ll have do live with our friend Barbie for the time being.  But I’ll get some, you know I’m good for it.  Till then, safe travels.


Well, after receiving my beautiful Chinese Visa, I booked my airfare.  I’m in coach but luckily I’m not stuck flying for 16 hours straight.  My lovely relocation coordinator booked me on a flight through Frankfurt.  I’ll get a 4ish hour lay over there before heading off to Beijing.

While this layover makes the trip take longer, It’ll be nice to get some brot and rum-rosine ritter.  Plus, if I’m really feeling exhausted, I can buy entry into an airport lounge and take a shower.

Surprisingly, I was also able to adjust my seat a bit.  The long-haul A340 and A330 both have limited leg room in the window seats.  According to the seat guru, the A/V for the entertainment all resides in a box situated squarely beneath the window seats.  After doing this bit of research I promptly moved to an aisle seat.

On the lighter side, I purchased a garment bag from Amazon.  Normally a box from Amazon is pretty common place in my house, just ask anyone who knows me.  This box, while similar to most Amazon boxes, barely fit through the door.  It was at least 45” long x 28” wide x  28” tall.

I’m excited and nervous to get this trip underway.  My awesome co-workers threw me one hell of a going away party at Border Café on Friday.  Definitely mixed emotions there; people sad to see me go but excited for the opportunity.

With the going away party done, it’s just a mountain of laundry and 3 days of patient waiting before I’m flying high above the Atlantic on my way to Beijing.


Today I received word that my visa was processed at the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, it has to now go to a law firm in San Francisco for verification before being sent back to me in Massachusetts.  I suppose it’s worth a bit of time now, if it will save me time at the Chinese border later.

As a bonus, I received a picture of the visa via email.  That thing looks awesome!  It takes up an entire page of my passport and has a drawing of the Great Wall on it.

With my visa in hand (hopefully Thursday), I’ll be able to book my travel and get this damned journey underway.

Till then, good travels.


It’s been nearly a week since I sent my passport cross-country.  Unfortunately, it arrived at the Chinese consulate just before a 10-day holiday.  I should have it back by the end of next week and then I will be able to plan my travel arrangements to Beijing.

Till then, good travels.

Sunset at sea