Hong Kong

After getting some sleep, I was up early on Saturday and out the door.  My hotel was in an area known as Kowloon City.  It seemed to be a very posh and alive area.  I saw lots of very nice cars. Rolls-Royce nice.  Bentley nice.  There’s also a lot of money in Hong Kong, so there are lots of very nice stores.  On my way to breakfast I walked past a Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, Prada, and Burberry.

The exchange rate took a little getting used to, in part because it was around 7.5:1 (HKD:USD) and in part because the $ is used as the currency notation in Hong Kong.  Buying a magazine for 88$ or dinner for 400$ never quite feels right.

I made my way to a nice harbor walk outside of a theater.  The weather was a warm 23 with a nice breeze off the water.  Aside from the air quality, it’s impossible to miss that Hong Kong is very tall.  High rise buildings are everywhere.

Near the harbor walk, I encountered the museum of art. Apparently cats are the new ‘it’ animal. Maybe people in art don’t know about the internet?

A very tall city with lots of construction.  If you look closely at this picture, you’ll notice 99% of the scaffolding is bamboo.  That is a 35 floor building.

Getting off the water and heading into Kowloon a bit more was a treat.  Like most big cities, shops and vendors abound.  Plus, I found some breakfast (36$) and some cool street art.  Apparently if you don’t obey the rules, Hong Kong PD will send the Transformers after you.

Kowloon also has some pretty nice parks.  For an area with land at such a premium, I found some really nice (and surprisingly quiet) parks.

My trip to Hong Kong was awesome.  It’s just a really cool, modern city.  The temperature was refreshing, the food was great, and fresh produce was plentiful.  Hopefully I’ll get to spend some more time there are some point.

This weekend I’m going to take the high-speed express train from Beijing to Tianjin.  Tianjin is a major costal city 110 km East of Beijing.  The train makes the 110 km trip in 30 minutes.

Till then, safe travels (and keep your birds safe!)


I arrived in Hong Kong last night around 9 PM.  The air is clean (and filled with familiar ocean smells), the air is warm, and the buildings are tall.

Beijing must be starting to like me!  The city put up quite a fight when I was trying to leave.  Nice cold temperatures and a few mm of snow delayed my flight by about 2 hours.  I was happy to see that Beijing handles snow on par with New England, which is significantly better than what I expected.

And the delayed flight was totally worth it.  This is the view from my hotel room this morning.  Nice and modern.  Plus, I’m posting this blog from my hotel room, since there’s no Great Firewall here.

I’m heading out for the day.  I’ll post an update tomorrow if time permits.  Till then, safe travels.