Contrary to popular belief, I have not yet been eaten by a koala or gotten into a boxing match with a Kangaroo.  Immediate observations about Australia – there is a blue sky here and it’s really really warm.

I’ll answer a few questions before I jump into the pictures.  First question, is everything upside down in Australia?  I’m glad you asked.  Yes, it is.  In fact, the Australia government established the Royal Ministry of Reverse Gravitational Affairs after colonization.  To get around, we use an elaborate system of harnesses and pulleys.

Those pulleys can burn your feet if you're not careful

Second, are there deadly spiders in Australia?  Yes, there are.  And deadly snakes.  And deadly jellyfish, sharks, and fried food.  In short, the place is so awesome even nature tries to keep you out.

Small, yes. Deadly, who knows...

I’ve been taking it really easy since I arrived.  My typical day includes sleeping, sleeping by the Swan River, sleeping on the beach, reading, and, of course, aimlessly roaming around Perth in flip-flops.  Suprisingly most semi-nice restaurants really don’t like people wearing flip-flops and won’t let you in/serve you if you’ve got them on.  Oh well.  On to the pictures!

The Perth Opera House. Not quite the one in Sydney, but close enough.


A marsupial sighting!


The esplanade on Swan River


West Perth and Fremantle


In honor of the first all Female beach in Western Australia


AC/DC anyone?


The seal of the Government of Western Australia


A big tree in Northbridge


Perth's subway/train station.


Approaching Rotto Island


Rotto Island shore

I’ve got to wrap this up, since there are UV rays that need to be absorbed.  This is probably my only post from Australia.  I’ve got a busy week of work next week and then it’s back to Boston, just in time for the Super Bowl.

A final thought; I know lots of people who say they’d love to visit Australia and then follow the statement up with some sort of excuse.  If you can afford it, stop waiting, and plan that vacation.  For you New England readers, skip out-of-town sometime during the winter and enjoy a week (or more) of beautiful summer weather on the other side of the world.  There’s stuff to do here for everyone, from nothing (which is what I’ve done), to adventures out in the backcountry, to whale watches, and everything in-between.

Until then, safe travels.  And buy a Virgin Australia phone!

So many questions. The mouse. The socks. The mustache.


And on an administrative note, can you take a look through my older posts and let me know if pictures are showing up?  I’ve been having some problems seeing them, but I’ve also had unique internet situations for the past couple months.




Visual puns anyone?  Through a series of fortunate events, I’m not headed straight home from China.  I’ll be headed to Australia!  If you’re reading this, and I did the set-post-date correctly, I’m somewhere over mainland China en route.

I don’t have any funny pictures of cats or of Australia yet, so you’ll have do live with our friend Barbie for the time being.  But I’ll get some, you know I’m good for it.  Till then, safe travels.