Now For Something Completely Different



Visual puns anyone?  Through a series of fortunate events, I’m not headed straight home from China.  I’ll be headed to Australia!  If you’re reading this, and I did the set-post-date correctly, I’m somewhere over mainland China en route.

I don’t have any funny pictures of cats or of Australia yet, so you’ll have do live with our friend Barbie for the time being.  But I’ll get some, you know I’m good for it.  Till then, safe travels.

  1. Anonymous said:

    All right so happy for you !!! Enjoy the down under !!! See ya at the barbie !!!!!!

  2. Anthony Sgro said:

    Great Job !!! See ya at the barbie . Love ya

  3. Anonymous said:

    I love the Shrimp on the Barbie, I only wish I thought of it! :;)
    Have a blast down under, Lets Go to the Outback tonight!!!
    Love you, Auntie LL

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