Nanjing Road, Peoples Park, Pudong and New Years

Welcome back faithful readers.  Now begins part two of the epic Shanghai trip.  If you missed part 1, scroll down a bit.  I’ll wait.  Caught up?  Ok good.

Nanjing Road East

One of the nice parts about Shanghai, is that a lot of the roads are named after places in China.  Nanjing Road, Beijing Avenue, Tianjin Road and so on.  Nanjing Road East stretches from the Bund to People’s Park.  It’s mostly a pedestrian avenue, so of course I ambled my way down it.

I thought this place sold squid and ice cream.  I was disappointed to learn they in fact sold ‘squid-balls’.  Think meat balls, just replace meat with squid.

2012 is the year of the dragon, so there are lots of dragons everywhere.  Just remember, the dragon has three heads.

I personally think this is a bit of a bold proclamation, but the sign can’t lie.  It must be the number 1 department store in Beijing.

Peoples Park (Renmin Gongyuan)

People’s Park is at the Western most end of Nanjing Road East.  It’s a pretty big park (about 98,000 m-squared) that houses the Shanghai Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai Municipal Government buildings, shops, gardens, and a miniature amusement park.

Uh, thanks?  You too?

Pudong & New Years

The Pudong is on the bank of the Huang Pu River opposite the Bund.  For everything the Bund has in history and awesome architecture, the Pudong has in sheer immensity.  Many of the tallest buildings in China reside in the Pudong, including 100 and 90 story hotels.  Additionally, the Pudong area is a financial hub in China.  If it were a separate country, the GDP of the Pudong would exceed Slovenia.

What is this?  A ferry?  I don’t have my flippy-floppies though.

Let me translate the Mandarin for you – “This is the Pudong.  We’ve got big buildings here”

Left – 90 floors, Right – 100.

To get to the 87th floor (where I spent the better portion of New Years Eve) you need to take three elevators.  The first elevator takes you to the 50th floor lobby.  Elevator two takes you to the 85th floor.  From the 85th you’ve got to take another elevator to the 87th.  It was awesome.  My ears popped.

New Years was awesome.  I got a bit sick from some raw fish, but being up on the 87th floor watching the city come alive at night was great.

If I’ve set this post up to publish correctly, as you’re reading this I’m on my way to Xi’an.  Xi’an is roughly 1200 miles South-West of Beijing and is home to the Terracotta Army.

Till then, safe travels (The Pudong at night, shot from the Bund)

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  1. Nice post, I really must get to Shanghai at some point, in China for three years and still not made it. Thank you for sharing.

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