The Beijing Zoo and 798

Remember that Emperor?  In addition to his regular palace, his summer palace, and his ability to communicate with the supreme overlord of the universe, he had a lot of pets.  In the 1700’s he, or most likely one of his ambitious eunuch attendants, decided to build a palace for his pets.  And the successor to that pet palace is the Beijing Zoo.

Today all you need is 10Y for the Zoo or 15Y if you want to visit the panda’s in addition to the rest of the Zoo.

Important fact about the day number one – it was 17 degrees out.  These birds were out and about like nothing was going on.

Important fact about the day number two – the ravens were everywhere.  Quork-ing to each other, to other zoo animals, and probably to themselves.  Also, note the turkeys.  They’re really not all that smart.

Not surprisingly, the flamingos were indoors.

American animals consisted of raccoons, moose, and a bison.  After visiting the American animals, I headed over to the big cat area and it was closed for renovations.  So was the rhino pen and the elephant pen.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Although this stone monument was pretty cool, it was not a sufficient replacement for a Siberian Tiger.

Yup.  It’s a Panda.  Moving on.

After the Panda Pen, the Zoo started to have progressively cuter animals doing progressively cuter things.  I went from Lemurs to….

Red pandas to…

Lemurs and chickens and bunnies.  It was like cuteness overload.

Fearing that I crossed the cuteness railing that that suddenness was certainly bound to happen, I left the zoo for the day.

Sunday, I headed over to 798.  798 is an artist’s district similar to Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin.  The biggest difference is that 798 occupies an entire rezoned factory.  Unfortunately, most of the galleries didn’t allow flash photography.  What I’ve captured below are some of the installations and street art.  Plus I found a really old sled.

No big plans for Christmas weekend.  I am headed to Shanghai for New Years though, but till then, safe travels.  And yes, that’s Deadpool.  I don’t get it either.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of the zoo where they have these poor animals out of their natural habitat but I also am thrilled by it because I would not normally ever be so close to those animals.. so, it’s a catch 22 in my mind!!!! Anways… cute animals… I LOVE THEM ALL! I have to say that the artwork and sculptures have me at a loss.. very bizarre stuff!

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