The High Speed Train to Tianjin

On Saturday I took the high-speed train from Beijing to Tianjin.  Tianjin is a major port city close to Beijing, it is also one of the ten largest cities in China.  In 1902 the 8-Nation Alliance that fought in the Boxer Rebellion ceded control of Tianjin to the ruling Qing emperor of China.  At that time, each of the nations were allowed to keep troops garrisoned in their respective concession. 

Fast forward to today.  Tianjin is a financial hub in northern China and one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.  Although urbanization is rapid, the concessions remain mostly preserved, replete with necessary tourist trappings.

Not quite top speed, but still fast enough to make the 117 km journey from Beijing in little more than 30 minutes (287 km/h = 178 mp/h).

Tianjin station has more than 20 train berths.  Above the station is a nice park, with this really cool clock.

The tallest building in Tianjin.  The fog/smog was pretty thick for most of the morning, unfortunately.

The shopping in Tianjin is laid out more like strip malls than traditional mega-malls.  Christmas trees and reindeer were out in full force.

Yup, like a big poker chip.

6th largest Ferris wheel in the world.  For 60Y (10$) how could I refuse?

After 30 minutes in a 10 ft square box with 3 of my new closest Chinese friends, I was ready to walk again.

After meandering through the Italian Concession I realized just how cold and tired I was from walking around all day and headed back to Tianjin station.

It’s as delicious as it looks.  Don’t judge me!

20 minutes after getting back to the station, I was asleep on a train headed back to Beijing.

Next weekend I’m hoping to visit Beijing’s 798 artist’s district and I’ll probably also visit the zoo.

Till then, safe travels (and watch out for Fonzie Jr. in Tianjin).

  1. Noreen said:

    Hey Richard ~ GREAT photos … so happy your there and taking FULL advantage of traveling around to experience all that is over on that side of the globe ~ I would be doing exactly the same! 🙂 *every time Uncle Tony and I ‘think’ about trying to get a hold of you on Skype, we glance at the clock and say, nope! — 13 hours, right? Is there a time in your day when you are in front of your computer and up for a ‘visit’ ? or does it pop onto your phone? 🙂 xx

  2. Fonzie… ha ha ha … also, I won’t judge you on the pineapple pie because it looks DELISH in my opinion!!! Beautiful bridges and waterways… I’m liking this area… ALMOST reminds me of chicago with the bridges and waterways… lovely photos Rich! Hello Aunt Noreen… I see your message up there!!

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